Jody Byrne

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Experimental communicator, educator, designer, lover of jellybeans and writer of stuff with a paradoxical fear of heights but love of roller coasters.
Still image from Flexbelt video showing office worker smiling at camera holding can of deodorant.
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We won a Stevie award!

A video I worked on with my colleagues at SAP scooped a Bronze Stevie Award at this year’s…
simple picture of a person reading book
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Simple stories, told well

When it comes to telling stories we want to create an experience for audiences. After all, that’s the…
Using an apple and seeds to make a podcast
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The quick and easy way to start a podcast

It seems everybody has rediscovered the power of podcasts...again. But you don't need expensive equipment, complicated software, and lots of effort to get started.
Wall mural saying Welcome to Hell
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The devil is a great language teacher

Learning a language is always challenging and it takes dedication and commitment but there are ways to make it more fun.
Unflattering image of man shouting
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What’s with all the SHOUTING!?!?

It's all too easy to fall into bad habits when communicating online. Here's why the caps lock button is not your friend.