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Keynotes and workshops

As a professional speaker and lecturer for over twenty years, I’ve delivered keynotes, lectures, and workshops all over the world. I like to make my talks as informative and as entertaining as possible, while tailoring them to each individual audience. I typically speak about things such as experimental communication, innovation and prototyping, design, technical communication, education, cyberpsychology, interactive media, usability, and visual communication but I’m always happy to tailor my talks to your specific topic. If you’d like me to speak at your event, get in touch so we can discuss the details. The same applies to workshops and training events too.

General brainstorming

I’m quite an inquisitive chap and I love learning about what other people are working on, maybe even getting involved if I can add something meaningful. So, whether you’d like to work with me on a storytelling or video project, have me give a keynote at an event, deliver a workshop, help set up a team, or just share experiences and brainstorm, I would love to hear from you. It could be as relaxed as bouncing ideas around over a virtual coffee, or something more formal like a consulting project, but either way feel free to get in touch about any of the topics below.

  • Ideation and conception phases of projects including brainstorming and concept development
  • Scripting & storyboarding
  • Interactive storytelling design
  • Direction & co-ordination
  • Visual effects & grading
  • Editing & publishing
  • Training courses & workshops
  • Curriculum & course design
  • Academic programme & course review
  • Recruitment assessments & evaluation
  • External examination
  • Thesis supervision
  • Setting up and running innovation and research teams
  • Designing and running user research projects
  • Problem definition, ideating and refining solutions
  • Interface design & wireframing
  • Development planning
  • Testing & validation
  • Enablement & roll-out

Want to contribute to the site?

If you’re interested in contributing to the Experimental Communicator site, get in touch for a chat. There’s always room for interesting articles, videos, interviews or whatever about interesting and useful topics.

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